These Stained glass pieces were produced from 2004 onward. Making glass is my full time job. 90% of that consists of repairs and / or fabricating other people’s work. I do work for a Baton Rouge company which has a handful of artisans, yet everything listed on this site is one of my creations.

Artglass Projects

These particular pieces were produced during breaks on other commissions. Most were experimental in nature and attempted to test out some different ideas I’ve had whilst working on various jobs. I enjoy treasure hunting while on vacations, and try to keep an eye out for unusual glass jewels and embellishments. Several of these also feature repurposed wood that I come across whether it be old furniture or random architectural scrap. Sometimes there will be a strange grain pattern or defect in the wood that will begin to dictate where the design leads itself.

Installed Glass Commissions

These projects were designed by myself for various clients. Some direction was given to me for each depending on the client’s particular tastes and conditions of the installation. I enjoy a design challenge. Many of these were ideas which I would have never thought of on my own. In several cases there were opportunities to try out some techniques which don’t often come into play. I do accept commissions. Pricing is based primarily by square footage. The cost per foot can range depending on intricacy of design and number of pieces etc. Select a piece to enlarge pictures.

Hanging Panels

These pieces were all commissioned to hang inside of an existing window frame. This is the most convenient way to display a glass panel where the structural integrity of the building itself does not need to be addressed, or if the client is in a temporary living situation and might want to move the work eventually. There is a definite size limit which a traditional glass panel can support itself. We recommend any piece exceeding 24″ should definitely be installed in a wood frame. We’ve done this many times and have connections with carpenters who can make these frames professionally. Your standard art framer will not have the expertise to create rigid corners and channel dimensions to properly support and display the edge reveal in a clean way around the work.

Privacy Bath Windows

There is a common request in residential jobs for a glass piece to offer some level of privacy. This is usually accomplished by a combination of opacity, texture diffusion, or density of line work and or piece size. These works were made to suit the particular settings of each location and desired design content. The installation of these type pieces can vary as well depending on the proximity of the work to water exposure and the size can often dictate the amount of reinforcement needed.