These Stained glass pieces were produced from 2004 onward. Making glass is my full time job. 90% of that consists of repairs and / or fabricating other people’s work. Everything posted on this site will be one of my creations. The specific details for each one in regard to size and location will be updated in the near future.

Artglass Projects

These particular pieces were produced during breaks on other commissions. Most were experimental in nature and attempted to test out some different ideas I’ve had whilst working on various jobs.

Installed Glass Commissions

These projects were designed by myself for various clients. Some direction was given to me for each depending on the client’s particular tastes and conditions of the installation. I enjoy a design challenge. Many of these were ideas which I would have never thought of on my own. In several cases there were opportunities to try out some techniques which don’t often come into play. I do accept commissions. Pricing is based primarily by square footage. The cost per foot can range depending on intricacy of design and number of pieces etc. Select a piece to enlarge pictures.