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About these titles:

These books began in January 2019 with Volume one titled Sketchbooks. The original intent was to print one copy for my own purposes to preserve the originals drawings as they are frequently used for reference to titles and sizes. It was also a way of archiving the older pieces into a singular medium, and ease the process of portfolio organization. After the first proof copy came through, I was pleased with the results and decided to make Sketchbooks available as a printed run. The process continued from this point to archive the rest of my original pieces. I retook photos of all existing works or sought out the best photo of sold pieces by contacting old customers if needed. After six months it culminated into the second and third editions which were titled Early Works and Explorations in Paint. The final task came about to create the boxed three volume set containing all existing personal works from 1996 – 2015. The fourth volume titled Dualities was released in 2022 and it documents pieces beyond the 2015 mark and my current body of works in glass.