Miscellaneous hybrids

These works are an assortment of odd duck pieces which bridge the gap of abstract, symmetrical, asymmetrical, order / chaos combinations and so forth. All are traditional oil on canvas. Many are sold, but some remain. You may inquire about their availability. These type works are generally attempts to create some odd use of negative space and redefine the notion of balance.

Radiant Core

This set is a culmination of the illustration techniques used in the previous modular group and the abstract oil paintings which had been produced in conjunction with those hand drafted works. The Radiant group began in 2005 onward. They are a high water mark of the folio in my opinion, and there are some ideas I’d like to revisit at some time.

Progression edit of Radiant Core #7


This group is the earliest version of the geometric series. They were produced between 2000 and 2005 off and on. All feature a standard size of 15 x 20″ on illustration board. I was heavily invested in illustration techniques back then. Ink rapidograph pens and airbrush specifically are the tools used on most of them. A whole lot of stencil cutting as well helped achieve the effects.