News:09/22 /22

The new book offering DUALITIES Volume 4: Paint and Glass is now available and shipping. There is an edition of 50 signed/numbered copies along with the standard softcover. Features 50 of the newest paintings and 100 stained glass projects. Visit WARRENSIMMONSART to secure your copy today. Thanks for your support!


Just received and signed off on the proof copy for the new book offering DUALITIES Volume 4: Paint and Glass. These will be marketed through WARRENSIMMONSART I’m pleased with how these came together. It took a monumental amount of time to sort through 15 years of old pictures. Enjoy these previews.

News: 07/16/22

A few ink and watercolor rendering for residential projects. I’ve been approached with a few requests that were a bit different. Challenges can be nice to get out of your comfort zone and come up with solutions that you may not have gotten otherwise.

News: 2 / 26 / 22

A recent installation of a set of 36 restorations for the Marigny Opera House in New Orleans. These 12 cypress oval frames dated 1908 were in an advanced state of rot. New insulated and vented aluminum frames were made to fit the openings. You will notice the 4″ width of the original wood frame was reduced to 1″ in the new aluminum. We replaced all the worn out lead edging and added new cobalt blue borders to make the inner portions stand out. This also created a way to resize the panels (none of which were symmetrical or matched sizes) to a universal dimension size for the frame maker. The interior glass is all original for the most part.

News: 11 / 25 / 21

Recent installation of a kitchen window request based on a design the client saw from 4 years ago by Steve Wilson that I modified to fit this space. A tour de force of cabochon and jewel embellishments. We had a friend create an inner cypress frame to modify the existing vinyl insulated frame where the piece could be removed in the event where they left the home. Also three additions to the art panel category created using recycled oak pew cubbies. Some basic concise designs meant to highlight special pieces I’ve collected through the years. These are sold, but I have another three frames mocked up which I’ll fill out as time permits.

News: 10 / 25 / 21

This past years additions in the painting category. Always an enjoyable time to let my hair down and work without parameters. I suppose these pieces are a bit more accessible visually compared to the more purely abstract of the past. The ambiguous part has shifted somewhat to the more surreal or odd combinations of characters within. The concept is to give an open ended narrative which the viewer may interject their own ending or interpretation.

08 / 01 / 21

Recent installation of the two remaining panels out of the group of four which began in fall of 2020 has been completed. I am pleased with how these came together as a group. The first design was the Fishers of Men panel. It set the mark for later ideas. The second was a nativity scene with a star and serpentine path. The resurrection theme and the 23rd Psalm shepherd themes were the final two. Overall a fun project which stretched my skill set, and allowed me to play out a few ideas I’ve wished to explore a bit more.

News: 05 / 29 / 21

Work has continued to progress on a church in Missouri City, TX. This third design request includes figural work and extensive kiln fired painting. The previous two had a fair amount of small design accents, yet this particular image based on a Carl Heinrich Bloch painting from the late 1800s required a good bit more layering to achieve the look the congregation desired. Here are some progress pictures on the light table.

News: 2 / 21 / 21

Wrapped up this trio of fun pieces. No real direction on these other than a desire to create something a bit unorthodox and that pushes a few ideas which have stirred around for a bit. I may create a few more in the future once woodworking weather comes around these parts. Last year I was honored to have a writeup in the Stained Glass Quarterly periodical. Stephen Wilson was kind enough to submit an article to them and they decided to run it. Sorry but there are no online versions of it for you all to read. Copies can be purchased through www.stainedglass.org

News: 10 / 07 / 20

Finally getting to unpack and install a few glass projects which have been accumulating in the studio. All of these were specific commissioned requests for clients which had to meet an exisiting frame requirement. I enjoy having a design challenge as it gives me an unexpected opportunity to see what my skill set can accommodate. As long as the idea is not terribly kitsch or generic. But even then it often will give me an idea of which direction the customer is looking where I can suggest a similar idea that might be more original or unique.

News: 09/25/20

Added a few new pieces to the painting gallery. I suppose this spring and summer has been somewhat productive. Have been able to produce 6 decent paintings and three custom stained glass commissions thus far. Also was happy to get this newer version of the site going and trying to update my folio and software in the process. It is a constant battle between creativity and common organization tasks to tackle my body of work at this point. But once a system is put in motion to collect things, they aren’t so difficult to keep up with. I am awaiting approval on a stained glass commission at the moment and will document some of that process when that happens. until then.

News: 09/05/20

Still chipping away at a few paintings during this time. Work for me has not been slowed down by this pandemic. It seems there is a continual need for door repairs and the construction business is often drawn out so there always has been something on the horizon for the glass business. Hope you all fare well in these upcoming times and the according adjustments to your routines and schooling etc. Have no current plans to show some artwork any time soon until things get moving a bit smoother. In the meantime I recently hung a few things at the shop and here is a quick gallery showing for you all. Will let you know when I plan to have a public display. Until then take care.

News: 06/13/20

Welcome to the first installation of this website. It’s been a long time coming for me to get this page up to speed. It had been an old html format over the past 15 years and looked ok on a desktop, but that was about all. Hopefully this version will keep me fluid across all devices and help ease my time editing as well. I may be expanding the product page before too long to offer more original art products and will let you all know when that happens. Thanks for stopping by.